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Searching for local moving services can be frustrating however, it doesn’t need to be. Our team of experienced movers is here to assist with making your move as seamless as could be.Whether you’re getting across town or just down the street we have the knowledge &expertise to deal with local moving  requirements as a whole.

Our local moving services includes packing your stuff to unpacking it from loading to unloading and from disassembling your to re-assemble it, we take care of all in our local moving service.

At Atlantic Moving Company, we invest whole heartedly in giving our clients the highest quality local moving service. Our mover’s team is prepared and experienced, and we are focused on taking your move as calm as it could be.

Reach us today to dive deeper into our services and to get a free quote for your impending move.


Upgrade electrical panel or wiring
$1,243.76 fixed fee (install new 100-amp panel);
Switcher and breaker repair
$112.00 – $154.00 (depending on the complexity);
Ceiling fan installation/ replacement
$100.00 – $175.00 (contact us for detailed calculation);
New construction
$195.00 per wiring.

Popular Question

Every renovation project requires a lot of expenses. They include such bulks as materials and labor. Materials, in turns, include tile, mortar, grout, rough plumbing materials, paint and many other. If you need to make a calculation of your future renovation project, please give us a call or email us, and our manager will help you with this issue.
Depending on dimensions of the space and amount of work, it takes from a week to a 2-3 month to complete the renovation project.
The total budget may vary as sizes of rooms are very different. For example, approximate budget for a basic bathroom renovation is from $3500 to $5000. If you need detailed calculation of materials and work, please contact our Customer Service Department.
Renovation project can be initiated by the clients. If you need to reconstruct your old house, a room or a basement, you need to appeal to us, approve the project and budget and we’ll start working.
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